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NOLA HORROR FILM FEST is a horror film festival created by horror filmmakers for horror fans. As film auteurs ourselves, we appreciate the blood, sweat & tears that go into making movies. We also understand that the fans are ready for something different!

It’s no small wonder & no great surprise that so many of today’s top directors got their start in “low budget horror”. With determination & imagination, these artists have created some truly memorable work that has encouraged & inspired a new generation of filmmakers.

The NOHFF is committed to celebrating the craft & the art of genre filmmaking at its best. And who knows, maybe discovering “Horror’s Next Big Thing”.

Feel free to contact the NOLA HORROR FILM FEST at
nohff [at]

The NOLA HORROR FILM FEST is held at the famous CAFE ISTANBUL, in the heart of the St. Claude Arts District during the last weekend of September 2014.

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Café Istanbul is a 3,800 square feet performance hall with a mission of fostering, encouraging and promoting performance art in New Orleans. The line up of events will include live music, dance, theatre, poetry, comedy, film and visual arts.


JT SEATON - Founder/Festival Director

JT started life in the armpit of California known as Bakersfield. He began making horror films in grade school with the aid of his father's super 8mm camera. JT escaped from Bakersfield to attend CalArts, receiving a MFA in film direction.

JT's films include the award winning short "Divination", as well as the award winning feature zombie comedy "George's Intervention". He currently resides in Los Angeles. JT is a karaoke junkie.


CHARLES LUCIA - Festival Director

After growing up in and around the swamps of South Louisiana, Charles spent way too much time earning a Masters of Architecture and sloshing through the seedy over and underbelly of the New Orleans Service Industry.

Realizing he needed a change and rediscovering his youthful love of blood, guts, fire and explosions, he made an unexpected move and jumped head first into the film industry with his sight set on Practical SPFX. Charles has a trucker's mouth with a laureate vocabulary and a penchant for stressful situations.